Plus Swap Notts was created by Sarah and Jen and inspired by the Yorkshire Rad Fat Collective clothing swaps in Leeds.

We run Plus Swap as a non profit event for women (and men) above a size 16.

As plus size women ourselves, both Sarah and myself have had issues in the past with trying to find nice clothes, in the right size, in the right style and for the right price.

We're passionate about body confidence whatever your size and believe all people should feel great in the clothes they chose to wear. 

What plus swaps gives you is a safe space where you don't feel judged for your size, you get to try on clothes, take home some new items and get to know some awesome people in the process.

The swaps allow you try on styles you don't normally go for too. There's always someone on hand to tell you how awesome that dress looks on you or how great those shoes go with the rest of your outfit.

Basically Plus Swaps are fun, they're money saving and a cheap afternoon out!

We run them every few months so keep your eyes peeled for them.